• Cancelation policy may be modified depending on the state of alarm ruled by the government in each phase.


  • All the Camping’s employees are warned about the prevention protocols to follow. All the employees will go through temperature controls before accessing to their job and they will also wear all the necessary PPE’s.


  • Considering the actual situation, some delays may occur so we request consideration from our clients in order to respect the security distance and all the prevention protocols. Only one person per family will be attended at the time in our desk and this one will be responsible to provide all the necessary information and ID’s.
  • There will be a methacrylate screen that will be in charge to isolate the customer from our front desk receptionist.
  • The screen will be continuously disinfected.
  • The customer will be notified about the existing protocols to follow in each area of the establishment and a prevention brochure will be delivered.
  • The front desk staff will point out where to park the vehicle while checking in.


  • Equal steps and protocols will be applied to visits as to other clients just as these regulations.


  • The customer will be accompanied to the accommodation (Bungalow or OASIS House) and will be informed about how everything works without entering to the House/Bungalow as these have been previously disinfected in order to guarantee customer’s security. The front desk receptionist will hand the disinfected keys over.


  • According with the capacity regulation ruled by the government, the security staff will control the access to the swimming pool. The pool service will be intermittent due to the disinfection tasks that will be carried out during the day. We have reduced the number of available hammocks in order to respect the security distance between customers. Furthermore, the staff will be responsible for its disinfection.


  • It’s required to follow the established protocol by the staff, moreover to keep the security distance between users and the corresponding personal care and hygiene. Animation staff will inform about the maximum number of people who can attend each activity.


  • Children under the age of 14 years old must be accompanied by parents or adult/s until the competent authorities low the state of alarm. Children’s supervision is the parents’ responsibility considering this exceptional situation.
  • General cleaning tasks will be performed constantly. Posters in common areas like reception room, restaurant, swimming pool and the multipurpose room will show the protocols to follow in each area.
  • Sanitizer gel will be available for customers.
  • Drinkable water sources: it’s very important to follow the guidelines stablished by the staff that you will be able to find in informative posters. Only adults can refill their bottles without touching the faucet with the bottleneck.
  • Camping pitches: it’s the customer’s responsibility to respect the space available between camping pitches.
  • Sanitary blocks: these will be continuously cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning staff is formed to correctly clean and disinfect those areas. Furthermore, the products used for its disinfection are homologated by the Spanish Health Department.
  • Dishwasher blocks: these areas will be open and continually cleaned and disinfected. Although, customers must respect the security distance between them.


  • For your convenience, we beg our customers to don’t hesitate to call us with queries before their arrival and during their stay (+34 977 65 02 13) (+34 650 12 56 81)